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Free Note Book Distribution Programme

The Hyderabad branch of the Bharat Sevashram Sangha has free distributed over 1,10,000 Note Books to the poor students of govt. schools of Mahaboob Nagar, Nalgonda, Ranga Reddy districts besides Hyderabad-Secunderabad during June 16, 2008 to September 14, 2008.

Guest House for Patients

Moved by the hapless conditions of those financially-constrained out-station patients, the monks of the Sangha started collecting donations from the kind-hearted devotees and constructed a 24-room four-storied building with essential amenities in 1998 which was formally inaugurated and thrown open for public use at free-of-cost by the then Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu, on 23rd March, 1999. Since many needy patients were left frustrated for not getting enough accommodations in the Guest House, an array of another 15 rooms has been added further to the existing facilities in 2001. So now a total of 39 rooms are at disposals mainly for those who are suffering from Eye, Gastroenteritis and other various chronic ailments are getting treated in different hospitals in and around Hyderabad. Rooms are provided to the patients on first-cum-first-serve basis.


The Sangha has been extending its immediate services to the scores of pilgrims during the Godavari and Krishna Puskarams being held at Rajahmundry and Vijayawada respectively for the past three decades. Sangha’s well equipped Medical Team, Life Savers are being put on duty during these two fairs that comes once in every 12 years.

Ambulance Service

The Sangha added yet another feather in its humanitarian services-cap in March, 2006 to transport the dead bodies by a specifically designed glass-cubicle vehicle to crematoriums free-of-cost. It also arranges transportations of unclaimed dead-bodies when the authority at Gandhi Hospital mortuary calls the Sangha to assist in the disposals. In case of poor people who can not afford to pay the cremation charges, the Sangha unhesitantly comes to their rescue and pays for their behalf in order to complete funeral formalities.

Allopathic Dispensary

Feeling the financial agonies of the slum-dwellers, the Sangha started an Allopathic Charitable dispensary since 7th May, 2007 onwards in a regular manner in its old Ashram (Hanuman temple) premises at Domalguda. Dr. Chintawar Sudhakar has happily been nurturing one of humanitarian causes of the Sangha in running this dispensary on every Monday from 8 a.m. to 11 a.m. The Sangha also provides medicines to the patients totally free.

Public Library

A well-maintained library and a versatile reading room have been catering to the needs of the local readerships since many years from its existence at the present premises. The library offers various text books on religion, philosophy, story, biography etc. in Bengali, English, Hindi, Oriya and Telugu languages and also news papers and magazines in English, Hindi and Telugu.

Accommodations for performing Obsequial Rites

In the cities like Hyderabad-Secunderabad, people hardly find any suitable place where they can perform their holy obsequial rites for the peace of their dear and near one’s departed souls. The Sangha, taking this opportunity as a sacred privilege, is providing a helping hand in this arena too. A moderate hall, kitchen, rooms with attach-bath and concerned facilities are made available here. Arrangements for priests and other necessary helps may also be accessed.

Relief to the Distressed

It’s a time-tested fact to our every countryman that the monks of the Sangha are always the first to arrive in serving the afflicted people during any natural calamities anywhere in the country. The monks of the Sangha, propelled by the ideals of the Acharya and to arrest further deteriorations of human sufferings, provides in no time the necessary foodstuffs, household materials, clothings, medical assistances etc. to the needy irrespective of castes, creeds, religions or nationalities. If the damages are extensively severe, then the Sangha strives hard to engage all its resources to build cottages, schools, community shelters etc., if the situation demands so, through the financial help of the people, driven in the thoughts of sacrifice, in order to ensure immediate succour to those affected humanity.

The country has not forgotten the Sangha’s mammoth services that were extended during the unprecedented devastations caused due to super cyclone in Bhavadevarpally in Krishna district and Amalapuram in Kakinada district (A.P.), earthquake at Latur (Maharashtra), Bhuj (Gujarat), super cyclone in Orissa, Tsunami in Cuddalore (T.N.) and in Andaman & Nicober islands.

Controlling Epidemics

In controlling the devastating epidemics like Chikun Guniya that engulfed Andhra Pradesh alongside many other Indian states, the monks of the Hyderabad branch of the Sangha, uncared for their own personal safety, traveled to various affected areas with highly-equipped medical teams with the help from SBH in Andhra Pradesh like Khammam town, Bhadrachalam and its surroundings, several villages in and around Vemulavada in Karimnar district, Addagutta slum and Kavadiguda in Hyderabad, for providing free treatments to the affected patients.

Poor Feeding (Anna Danam)

The Sangha, on its own takes up poor-feeding opportunities on some special occasions regularly around the year. Many noble hearts may wish to feed the poor & destitute on occasions of their choice. In such cases, the Sangha would feel more than obliged and privileged to make necessary arrangements voluntarily in case financial implications are borne by the benefactor.

Blanket and Saree distribution

The plight of the uprooted slum dwellers from the then LIC colony situated near Indira Park and now reaccommodated at Ghouse Nagar in the outskirts of Hyderabad was not only pathetic but touching too. The Sangha with its limited resources took up the bold initiatives to disburse van-loads of blankets and sarees to the affected families on 17th January, 2007. Hyderabad District Collector & Magistrate Sri R.V. Chnadravadan distributed those relief materials along with Swami Munishwaranandaji, the Hyderabad unit Secretary of the Sangha and Smt. P. Lila, the M.R.O. of Falaknuma. In tune with the above, it is worth mentioning that the Hyderabad branch of the